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Hi! I’m Macie Thompson.

I left a job in banking to pursue a career in education because I wanted to help make learning fun and relevant for students. Three years later, that passion continues to drive me. I believe that in 2016 classrooms still look too much like the classrooms of 1916. I want to help change that. This blog chronicles my journey to prepare my students for the 21st century using a blended learning classroom model.

I am blessed to have my dream job teaching AP Government and Politics, AP Macroeconomics and Political Science at Weatherford High School, a 6A high school located 30 minutes outside of Fort Worth, Texas. I have the best students, but even they think lectures are exhausting. So, I split them up into pieces and only give them once. I record them, then post the videos on YouTube for students to access any time. I also incorporate other online tools like Quizlet, Nearpod and Google Apps. My students use a learning management system called Canvas to access and complete their online coursework. My school district has been very generous with providing everything I need to blend my class, but my goal is to show you that blended learning can take place on the smallest of budgets.

Follow me on Twitter @MrsThompsonWHS.


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